The Open Government Partnership Niger, is a collection of civil society organizations (CSO’s) and Government as an equal partners, Niger OGP is to tackle issues using prudent management of the state resources by creating safe and peaceful society.

Niger OGP will be using working groups on specific thematic issues with the relevant lead MDA’s concern, the civil societies will play an active role with government officials to achieved openness in governance.

The government will collaborate with the CSO’s in drafting and implementing the state commitment as well serve as a reporting and monitoring instrument.

The partnership is geared to strengthened coordination in the state governance and enhance the mechanism for the two parties to draw and extract expertise from each other. The Open Government in the state will enable the CSO’s provide feedback on implementation of government projects and also sustain the dialogue mechanism on the ongoing programs.

The Open Government Partnership in Niger State will add value to governance and enhance the CSO’s capacity as a monitoring agents or independent reporting mechanism (IRM) or independent assessor of Open Government in the state.

The IRM’s or Assessors in the state will hold government accountable, placing the CSO’s as a watchdog role by engaging the citizens and the media in advocating for reforms through Open Government Partnership (OGP).

By:Muhammad Muhammad

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